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Water Fact:
Used oils, chemicals, solvents, paints, batteries, and discarded electronics should not go into landfills because they have the potential to contaminate groundwater supplies.
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US Coast Guard Certification
United States Coast Guard Approval # 159.015/1081/0.
The Sun-Mar Mobile Family were the first composting toilets recognized as a Type III MSD by the USCG. Copy of United States Coast Guard Letter of Approval available upon request.

Marine Toilet Ventilator
Bob Bridge's Ventilator
used with Sun-Mar Mobile

Here are some photos as promised. The pic at the top shows the ventilator I was able to use. This is the one I got at the Marine Flea Market. I have checked it carefully for a makers name, but there is nothing on it at all.

The 3.25 inch piping from below, extends through a well-sealed opening about 1 inch into one end of the vent's base. The air movement is turned 90 degrees on the way out through the vent, and has to travel about six inches to exit upwards via the scoop. Rain is kept out totally.

Water on deck washes through small scupper slots around the base and cannot rise as high as to find its way into the vent pipe at all. (The gray marks on the deck are some spilled caulking material and will be painted over - sorry that spoils the photo a little!).

The two pics labeled "Sun-Mar Mobile" and "Sun-Mar Mobile 2" show views of the installation below decks.

Composting Toilet - Marine Installation
Nothing special, except that we're really pleased with the fit in the space we had, and that it is working so well, and so odor-free. We leave the 12VDC fan on all the time.

The remaining pic "Sun-Mar Mobile Piping" shows the vent pipe heading overhead to the deck vent. Note that we made a "split collar" (using the piping you supplied) just below the fan box, to allow easy removal for replacement of the filter materials from time to time. The collar is captured in place by the two large pipe clamps.

Best regards,

Bob and Barbara Bridge
Harbor Cay Club Marina
Marathon, FL

Marine Toilet Testimonial

Sun-Mar Mobile Piping

RV Toilet Testimonial
RV Toilet Testimonial
Sun-Mar Mobile powered by photovoltaic, installed 1998
Cedarville, CA
Here are a couple of photos of our composting toilet. We use the composter at our remote high desert home. Friends are always fascinated when they first see the composter. It certainly provokes thoughts on solutions for the need to conserve water here in the arid West.
Ed and Wendi Lutz

Sun-Mar Mobile Composting Toilets

mobile composting toilet

The US Coast Guard-certified Sun-Mar Mobile was developed for use in boats and RV's. It is only slightly wider and longer than a regular toilet seat, so it will fit almost anywhere.

For the first time, people can go where they want without having to worry about "pump outs". Now campers and boaters can enjoy the benefits of composting toilets and be assured that their toilet waste is not causing a pollution problem anywhere.

Sun-Mar Mobile Composting Toilets are now produced only in the straight back (Regular) version. They are ideal for use in a trailer or recreational vehicle or a fore to aft marine installation.

Sun-Mar Mobile
19.5" x 23" footprint, 3" vent; includes 12V - 5.4 W fan, zeolite filter and 110 volt base heater

Composting Capacity: 1-2 Residential, 3-4 Weekend/Vacation

Unit Price: $1,692.00 CAD (Canadian Dollars) plus shipping

Shipping Cost: Please call us at 1-888-248-9754 for a shipping quote

Sun-Mar Mobile 12V
19.5" x 23" footprint, 3" vent; includes 12V - 5.4 W fan, zeolite filter and 12V - 160W base heater

Composting Capacity: 1-2 Residential, 3-4 Weekend/Vacation

Unit Price: $1,752.00 CAD (Canadian Dollars) plus shipping

Shipping Cost: Please call us at 1-888-248-9754 for a shipping quote

Rough-in Dimensions

Click here for downloadable/printable rough-in dimensions for both Mobile models. This document is in pdf format and requires Adobe Reader to open it. If you don't have Adobe Reader, click on the Adobe icon to download a free copy.

The Design of the Sun-Mar Mobile

Although the Sun-Mar Mobile Composting Toilet uses Sun-Mar's tried and true three-chamber system, "marinizing" the unit led to some interesting adaptations. The need to be able to handle violent motion meant that the finishing drawer has to be gasketed so that no liquid can escape from the evaporating chamber.

The air intakes face the same problem. These have to be located higher up and the air ducted down to the evaporating chamber. At the same time, a special drum locker ensures that the composting drum is held upright under all sea or road conditions.

Space constraints mean that a fold-away foot rest is needed on the unit. This footrest has spring loaded legs, and a safety release mechanism to enable it to be removed periodically when access to the finishing drawer is required.

To assist installation, strong mounting brackets are mounted at the base and rear of the unit. The Sun-Mar Mobile Composting Toilet has a square bottom for easy installation in a recreational vehicle. It is also ideal for a fore and aft installation in a boat.

Electrically, the Sun-Mar Mobile toilets are quite different from other units because of the unique situation on many boats and RV's. A 4.0 Watt, 12 volt fan is installed in a fan box within the vent stack. This fan, (which is on its own circuit) is designed to operate continuously while the toilet is in use.

To assist the 12 volt fan in providing adequate venting, the Sun-Mar Mobile is unique among Sun-Mar composting toilets in having a 3" vent stack. Customers need to supply their own deck vents, which should be constructed to allow adequate air movement while preventing seawater from entering the unit.

Carbon and Zeolite Filter

While venting is optimal above deck level, some installations will require that the deck vent is flush with the deck. Sun-Mar has incorporated the use of activated carbon and zeolite filter materials in the fan box to "scrub" the air of fresh ammonia odors. Tests of this have proven successful, and ensure odor-free operation at deck level.

Evaporation and Electrical Configuration

Evaporation is aided by a 110 volt, 120 Watt heater and thermostat. This heater is located in the sealed base compartment.

The thinking in designing a 110 volt heater into the unit was that a 12 volt supply is often available while the unit is in motion, while the 110 volt heater can frequently be used while the vehicle is in an RV park, or, in the case of a vessel, hooked up to shore supply.

NOTE: There should be enough 12 volt battery power to keep the 12 volt 5.4 Watt fan running continuously, and it hooks up on a separate circuit to facilitate this.

Overflow Drain Required

Evaporation capacity on Sun-Mar Mobile composting toilets is limited by the smaller size of the heater, the surface area of the evaporation chamber, and the volume of air movement. Consequently, arrangements should be made to connect the Sun-Mar Mobile drains to a container or small holding tank for disposal in an approved manner. If you are unable to incorporate the 12 volt heater option into the unit your holding tank will need to be larger. A guideline for holding tank capacity required without a heater is one litre or quart per person per day.

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