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Excel/Compact Items
Excel/Compact Items
Mobile Items
Sun-Mar Mobile Items
Centrex Items
Centrex 1000, 2000 & 3000 Items
3000 AF NE Items
Centrex 2000 & 3000 AF NE Items

What's In The Box?

Shipping cartons include (at no extra cost) everything you need to install and operate your new Sun-Mar composting toilet or central composting toilet system.

The only exception is the 3" plumbing pipe and fittings needed to connect a 1 pint flush toilet to a central composting unit.

Shipping Carton Contents
  • Owner's Manual (specific to each unit)

  • Warranty Card

  • Compost Sure Peat Mix (30L bag) and dried bacteria for starting off the compost in your new unit

  • Rake for periodic clearing of the evaporating chamber

  • "Compost Quick" enzyme for speeding up composting

  • Complete vent kit including all pipe, fittings and vent intake assembly

Vent Stack

The table below shows vent pipe sizes and lengths included with each unit. All units excluding Sun-Mar Mobile units include a roof flashing and a Diffuser for 2", 3", or 4" pipe as appropriate.

Sun-Mar Model

Electric Non-electric Sun-Mar Mobile & SpaceSaver
Self-contained 2" by 10 ft. 4" by 8 ft. 3" by 10 ft.
Sun-Mar Mobile & SpaceSaver



3" by 2.5 ft.
Central Systems 2" by 15 ft. 4" by 13 ft.


Vent Kits
  • Vent kits for 2" pipe include two 45° and one 90° elbow in addition to the necessary connectors. 6 feet of 2" pipe insulation is contained in EXCEL and COMPACT kits.

  • 3" and 4" kits include only connectors, except for the 4" CENTREX 2000 A/F NE and Centrex 3000 A/F NE units which also have two 45° elbows and a 2.4 Watt 12 volt fan for installation in the vent stack.

  • AC/DC units have a complete 4" vent kit in addition to a 2" kit, plus a 1.4 Watt 12 volt fan for installation in the 4" vent.

  • Sun-Mar Mobile units include 6 ft. of 3" flexible tubing, and a fan box with a 4.0 Watt 12 volt fan. The installer should select a suitable deck vent for the particular installation.
Also Included:
  • Waste inlet assembly for all central units and a complete waste inlet piping kit for A/F units

  • 10 feet of 1" diameter drain hose for all units except the Excel and Compact.

  • Evaporating tray for placing under the drum screen on all except Compact, Sun-Mar Mobile, Spacesaver, and Excel units.

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